Rules & FAQ

Switching screens is NOT allowed.

Radio Stations
Screen 1: 92.9 FM
Screen 2: 91.1 FM
Screen 3: 88.7 FM

Speakers are no longer available!

Dogs are allowed on leashes. Must clean up after them. If they are disruptive you will be asked to leave.

No alcohol, drugs, firearms, fireworks, or laser pointers allowed.

No BBQ grills or camp stoves allowed.

No SUV’s, trucks, vans, mini vans or any vehicle with an open hatchback allowed in the first 4 rows of screens 2 or 3. It’s recommended that all smaller vehicles park in the first 4 rows when space allows.

Park so that the pole is halfway down your vehicle so you are not blocking either driveway. We can fit 2 cars between each pole, please park close so this can happen.

During busier periods (weekends and special events) lawn chairs, blankets or any obstruction of vacant parking spaces is prohibited.

Any refusal to cooperate with the above policies and you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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